YUP the World membership program

1. Do you have a message, product, service or offer that you want to share to the masses?
2. Do you feel pain of having less customers and profits than you will desire?

3. Are you frustrated that your competitors are getting more business and success when they are less deserving than you?
4. Are you just confused or even feeling clueless as to which factor are you missing when you are doing everything right?
5. Are you feeling terrible because even with the correct idea, your business is not growing as you had expected?
6. Are you helpless, because your work is keeping you so busy that you’re unable to invest the time and effort required to overcome all these issues?
7. And are you feeling forced to chase after currency rather when you truly would rather be investing your time and energy into your legacy and fortune?
8. Do you want to build your business in way where you have high profits and low risk and lots of freedom?

I have been through all of them. And solved through them too. About which I will like to share with you in the form of this program.

This program will help you in creating the systems and ecosystem, Your Unique Platform to the World which will inspire and motivate your customers and clients to buy from you, engage with you,  learn from you, see you as their trusted advisor, keep buying more from you and also refer you with their contacts as potential customers to you.

These principles and practices are very much applicable in B2B, B2C, product, service, training and network marketing industries and also for employees who want to become more valuable, entrepreneurial and earn more recognition and paychecks.

After reading through this whole page, you will also say;

“If I learn and implement all the below systems, techniques, tools, in my business systems, my business too will have a chance to grow by 1000% and more every year.”

Even the right idea will not make any money if it is not enclosed in business processes and systems which make the idea monetizable.


1. Do you believe marketing, branding, positioning, promotions and sales are important for you to grow your personal brand, your business and profits and achieve your life dreams?
2. Will you like to improve your marketing, branding, positioning, promotions and sales efforts to deliver better business and better profits?
3. Will you like to learn about advanced as well as forgotten or carelessly ignored fundamentals about marketing, branding, positioning, promotion and sales which are not usually taught even in some of the leading B schools around the world, which if you learn and implement will help increase the probability of business success and your value as a personal brand?
4. How will you like to have a support group as you gain mastery on various concepts about marketing, branding, positioning and selling and apply them to create systems which in turn will help you have an exceptional personal brand and a profitable business?
5. And if you don’t have a product of your own, how about if you can sell other people’s products and services even? And use those funds, experience, etc to create one of your own later?

54+ modules, more than 345 hours of live online and offline group coaching and training, 4+ hours of intensive one to one coaching, 365+ checklists for you to apply as it is, 1500+ training videos, specially designed sales copy and funnel for your business, covering all major areas of marketing, branding, promotion, positioning and selling, huge networking and JV opportunities, accountability system for everyone and with bonuses worth more than 2,00,000 INR. Learn anytime, anywhere, both online and offline with 8 channels of program delivery. This will be by far the best investment you have made for yourself and your business to be able to take your message, product, service to the masses and to your target market.

Your Unique Platform to the World to share about your product, service, message, and to create more impact, serve more value, get more sales, earn higher profits and live better freedom.

You will learn practically how to;

1. Generate more leads. Attract better and higher paying clients and customers.
2. Establishing your brand presence and market leadership.
3. Be positioned as the most trusted advisor and respected leader among your clients, customers, team, company, colleagues, and competitors.
4. Get your desired lifestyle.
5. Provide awesome value and contribution from the society.
6. And above all be able to close more sales and earn more profits.
7. And if you are in business as a choice to boost your lifestyle, the info which is going to follow will skyrocket your growth.
8. If you are a student, how you can increase your chances of employment or entrepreneurial skills.
9. How you can create a platform based on which you can work from home.

And much more to drive in more sales, better profits and higher freedom.



I want to share some important info with you right now. You are now going to get a very interesting opportunity to grow in the area of marketing, branding, positioning, promotions, and sales and their sub-domains if you promise to read through this page completely.



"There may or may not be much barriers about your entry and exit from any market. However, if there is one thing that can be the barometer for your joy and happiness in any market, it is your marketing." - Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N YUP the World Marketing Mastermind and Coaching Group Chennai India


Hi, I am Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N and thank you for joining me today. I want to share some important info with you right now. I want to share info about some practical concepts, strategies, tools, techniques, technologies, etc which can be integrated and should be present in your business systems of marketing, branding, positioning, promotions and selling to help you generate more leads, attract more customers and clients, close more sales and earn more profits.

Before I get into sharing those information, let me share some information about myself to set the context in place as to where all these information that I am sharing is coming from.

I have been running my own business for more than 7 years now across various industries, and have been providing my services as a professional consultant, coach and trainer and a student of stalwarts in the domains of marketing, branding, positioning, promotions and sales for the past 3 years.

So, when it comes to the areas of marketing, branding, positioning, promotions and sales; I have come across a lot. I have worked with some of the top leading business consultants in those areas. Have had the privilige of studying some of the world’s biggest launches, and got really awesome opportunities to interact in person with some of the top management people of billion dollar companies.

It is not that I have always been great in business systems. I have also seen the low wherein businesses (both mine and others) have hit the rock bottom and at times went in to the minus in terms of assets and cash flow. And that too where the owners, myself included always felt that I am carrying in the best offer that my prospect could ever get and yet felt utterly frustrated and disgusted when they were being stupid enough not to buy it. And that is what led to the search of, learning of and implementation of the business systems which has helped me and my clients have a turnaround to get into profits some of them with just months in hand.

And the biggest learning from all those experiences was, the real culprit was not that why some prospects were not buying, rather it was that their was no meaningful work happening and not enough cashflow coming in.

It is when it dawned big time, all businesses are marketing, sales, cash flow, internet, media, customer engagement businesses.

And from there, having went through many trials and tribulations, spending multiple hours and sleepless nights together, and investing in lots of money and learning from some of the big giants, I could create systems which helped me and my clients to progress. I have successfully had my own launches where I have made close to 1,87,000 INR in three days, and have also helped businesses of my clients to make around 15,00,000 INR in a couple of months in service industry, and 12,500 INR in 45 minutes in a low cost product industry. And it is the same tips, tricks, concepts, techniques, which I will be sharing with you over here.

The following are some of the industries wherein I have offered my services as a consultant to improve their business systems (do check in if your industry is also there).

Alternative medicine practitioners
Audio engineer
Automobile mechanic
Bakery owner
Business coaches
Business consultant
Cab driver
Cabinet maker
Camera mechanic
Career advisor
Chemicals manufacturer
Computer accessories
Computer engineer
Construction contractor
Dairy business agency
Dental surgeon
Driving instructor
Energy healers

Event managers
Faith healer
Fashion designer
Fashion photographer
Financial advisor
Fitness center owners
Fitness supplements distributors
Fitness trainers
Fortune teller
Furniture seller
Glass work sellers
Graphics designers
Gym instructors
Hair stylist
Healthcare professionals
Hobby center
Housekeeping services
Image consultant
Insurance agent
Life coaches
Management consultant
Marketing personnel
Master of ceremonies
Mechanical engineer
Medical laboratory assistant
Mobile accessories
Money coaches
Musical instruments sales agency

Network marketing distributors
Out-of-school educator
Paper worker
Pest control
Professional graphics designer
Professional speakers
Public relations
Rehab workers
Reiki practitioners
Sales personnel
Security guard
Small business owners
Snacks stall owners
Social worker
Spa workers
Special educators
Spiritual teachers
Web designer

In the next few minutes, you will be learning from the page below a comprehensive outlook and inputs on the various formats and ways you can engage in marketing, branding, positioning, promotions and sales.  You will also find a list of the stalwarts in the same domains, the international trainers, coaches, consultants and service providers from whom I have had a wonderful privilige of learning the street-smart methodologies that can work across any industry and even for startups and small businesses.

You will learn about various tools, techniques and technologies which you need to have in your business systems to bring in higher profits and growth. These resources will help you create those deep systems which can be automated most often making it much easier to;

1. Generate more leads. Attract better and higher paying clients and customers.
2. Establishing your brand presence and market leadership.
3. Be positioned as the most trusted advisor and respected leader among your clients, customers, team, company, colleagues, and competitors.
4. Get your desired lifestyle.
5. Provide awesome value and contribution from the society.
6. And above all be able to close more sales and earn more profits.
7. And if you are in business as a choice to boost your lifestyle, the info which is going to follow will skyrocket your growth.
8. If you are a student, how you can increase your chances of employment or entrepreneurial skills.
9. How you can create a platform based on which you can work from home.

At the end, I am also sharing info here about a year long mastermind and coaching program focused on marketing, branding, positioning, promotion, and sales and various aspects about it.

The program is not for everyone and for serious people only with the following characteristics. Read on to find if you have these qualities too.
1. It is for those who understand the power and impact that marketing, branding, promotion and selling can have in their business, their lives and their dreams.
2. And for those who want to learn and implement top notch systems of marketing, branding, promotions and selling in their business.
3. And finally for those who don’t want to make the costly mistake of neglecting the discussed business processes and systems; which is an indirect way of killing your vision and your dreams and those of your family and stealing an opportunity from their growth.

So, thank you for investing in your time and energy to go through this whole content.

As one of my mentors, Gary Vaynerchuk says; “Content is King, but Marketing is Queen, and runs the household.”

Your product, your service, your offering is the content that you serve your clients with. However, the single most important factor which determines how well your business runs is MARKETING.

So, be sure to grab a pen and paper as we go on from here and take lots of notes. For now you are going to learn some of the best inputs which you can start applying and improving your business results starting now. And let’s begin.

What will be some of the modules covered?

– Deep dive on magic number to sales and beyond.
– Learning how to create sales scripts which are different from sales copy.
– Content marketing.
– Handling the phone.
– Mindset for the marketer.
– How to handle objections and rejections?
– Accelerated systems.
– How to qualify and prospecting?
– Sales ladder and sales funnel.
– Suite always means better business than a room.
– How to convert a qualified prospect into a customer?
– How to do follow up and how many times?
– Integrating different marketing methods and channels.
– Defining and aligning your marketing and selling with your business goals which makes your business expand in a profitable manner.
– Chased by your customers and clients rather than chasing your clients and customers.
– Podcasting, webinars and blogging.
– Automation and dashboards.
– The AAAA advantage.
– Write your way to success.
– MIMMs Networking.
– Responsible and dynamic marketing.
– Relationship positioning.
– Selling to your management.
– Ultimate productivity rituals.
– Time management to the top.

– Marketing incentives.
– Context is God.
– 5 stages with customers.

– Passion to profits.
– Storytelling. 
– Pre-selling.
– Scientific marketing.
– Strategic innovation.
– Consciousness marketing.
– Niche marketing.
– Listening to the market.
– Treasure hunt.
– Farmer’s paradise.
– Client reactivation system.
– Market Leadership.

– Funnel marketing.
– Online till 10K and beyond.
– Business canvas.
– You are the brand.
– Know from the no’s.
– Celebrity-like attention up a level.
– Profits from free stuff.
– Crowdfunding the valuable way.
– Neat Negotiation.
– Simple idea.
– Leading all the way into helping customers to buy.
– Pricing power.
– Lifestyle business.

 And much more.

I will like to take up one question in the beginning itself. Is it all some theory I am going to speak about. The answer is NO. All these are the same techniques which I have either applied in my business or have helped my clients apply in their business. None of these modules are something just theoritical in nature. Rather, I myself got to learn them the other way round. Apply it practically and then go and learn the theory behind to make my application better.

Also, my main profession still is of being a consultant and coach who is responsible for getting results and not that of a trainer who just trains people on some theory he picked off the bookshelf. And to make it even more connected with this program, I am the person incharge who has to engage in all my branding, marketing, promotion, positioning, and sales from A to Z to bring in those clients in the first place.

I personally have been running my businesses in a profitable manner in the industries of healthcare, peak performance coaching, online branding and digital marketing, startup and small business coaching and training.

So, here is what I can tell upfront to the people reading this. If you are committed to learn and follow through with action, what you are enrolling for is not a training program alone, rather a accountability program where we will work closely for the next nine months minimum. I will personally give my best to ensure to keep you in the path of action and be able to apply all those strategies, tools and techniques from this program in your business starting from the moment your enrolment is completed.

Now continue to read on.

The key to success in any area of your business is to create systems and rituals which lay the foundation and position you for success. And to implement and follow-through with the systems with accountability.

Why and how do you need to learn about these modules, and implement them in your business systems?
These are the same modules to work deep dive on which my clients and customers pay me 40,000 INR per day. So, make good notes of the same as you go through the info below.

The future is about the businesses and ecosystems where people can connect, engage, evaluate, enquire, get sold, choose from, and grow and express themselves. How about creating one for you?

Deep dive on magic number to sales and beyond.

If there is anything that is going to ensure your business to be surving, thriving and profitable, it is your sales numbers and the better you understand and use them, the more effective and efficient your sales processes and systems is going to be. So, some of the numbers you definitely need to know are the following.

The two basic numbers are how much in terms of sales, profits (gross and net) that you are planning to make? And then you need to know as to how much customers based on average order value you need to acquire to get those numbers.

And then use that number to calculate how many pre-qualified prospects you need. (Pre-qualified prospects are those who cross the stages of unaware, aware and suspects as discussed in the video at the beginning of this page).

And finally, use the number to calculate the quantity and quality of communications you need to create and share through your systems of marketing, branding, positioning, promotions, and sales. That final number is what will determine and be a guiding principle for designing your funnels in your marketing department.

And these numbers will be the tools for you to create a magic in your business.

Learning how to create sales scripts which are different from sales copy.

The sales scripts differ in different situations. There are some marketing communications which need to be common across all channels while some sales scripts and processes have to be completely different according to the context.

And as such the situations are; selling in person, cold calling, one to one, group, selling from the stage, website based selling, selling in an eCommerce site, selling through a webinar, podcast or hangout, selling in social media, selling over the phone, selling by email.

So, two things that are needed are to have all the above mentioned channels in your sales funnels and also having have appropiate communication systems for the same.

For now, make a note of all the different sales situations and then place a checkmark for all the situations where you have already prepared a specific sales script and mark those areas for further improvement.

And as for other situations, select those situations which you regularly get to engage your customers in; and make this list a high priority to prepare your communication materials. And then progress to do the same for other areas too.

This will ensure you make the most of every situation and also look forward for all situations.

You are the brand.

One big obstacle which prevents people who want to quit their jobs and become self-employed or startup and become entrepreneurs, is the wanting of a brand identity. When they work in an organization, they get all the support, respect, openings based on the brand value of their organization and that of their position. However, take that out, and very few people have anything to show as them, the brand.

This module is all about focusing on building yourself as a brand, irrespective of whether you want to be an employee or an employer. And it is helpful in both cases. As an employer, you have the leverage of your personal brand to win deals and businesses, and as an employee, you create the space to be bestowed with higher challenges and priviliges.

You will be learning the time tested principles as displayed by some of the leading self-made millionaires as to their mindset, value system, work ethics, strategies and techniques and then, you get to use the same as a new mix with a pinch of your uniqueness to bring forth your personal brand in a unique and valuable manner.

Content marketing.

Content, content, content. How do you create it? Why do you create them? Where do you distribute them? How to use content to create your own PR and media division for your work?

There are specific guidelines for each of the above situation which alone I do a deep dive in the program for close to a month. And for all those limited clients who also opt for one to one coaching in the program, one of the coaching sessions will focus on just selecting the topics for your content marketing which will increase your online presence and make you a powerhouse. In fact, with my top consulting clients who pay me upwards of 40,000 INR; the work of just selecting the probable topics for the various content that can be used to generate prospects is a one full day work. You can also Google search for more data regards the topic of content marketing.

Simply put, make a list of all problem questions or search queries your target market searches for a solution. Then ask yourself if you have shared some valuable content to generate leads and if the same positions you on top of the search engine results. If not, now is a good time to learn more.

And these will also become part of your customer education material irrespective of whichever product or service industry you belong to. And when you are in a position to educate your prospects and customers, they see you as a trusted and respected teacher who they will welcome to become their leader.

Leading all the way into helping customers to buy.

The biggest problem the world is facing now is that it has very few high quality leaders who can handle the problems and challeges that people face in every day life. And those who are there, are the ones who are positioned to make the maximum benefits.

It is not that people are not buying, it is just that they are not buying from you. Rather they are buying from someone or something else which you are able to clearly perceive is less valuable than what you have to offer.

The answer is, it is just that they see the leadership over there which makes them follow the path which is missing from your business.

For one moment, imagine your customers as your employees, your subordinates. Are they looking forward for leadership from you? In absence of which can it be fair to say that they are going to become lethargic, careless and scatter their attention elsewhere? Is your business division or organization going to have the same results which it could have had if you could have lead them better?

This module will connect you with the insights of leadership that a lot of your ideal customers are desparately seeking and are just not being shown. You will be able to lead them better to buy from you. And at the same time, you will also be learning how to lead the distractions away from you for your own good.

Context is God.

If there is one thing which is more important than content, and other than marketing, it is context. Context is the big, overall package, where content is detail delivered in the package.

People need to receive your package, before they can get in to the details of the package. And as such, context is highly important.

You can Google and find many ads which ‘advertising failed campaigns’. And you will surely a lot more where just a little better understanding of content would have made the whole promotion thing more powerful.

And the same when it comes to communication in person, from the stage, over the phone, in the web copy, social media, etc.


People used to join in because of fear of missing out. And then later it progressed upon to joy of missing out where people actually started to stay out and rather let the opportunity pass. And that is where a lot of people saw their numbers seeing dry up.

And the answer for that. JOJI. Get in and infuse the joy of joining in, into every single part of your work. And people will surely follow and your numbers are bound to go up.

There is always a joy of joining in and as such that includes certain key elements.

There are two different kinds of motivation. One intrinsic and another extrinsic. The intrinsic motivation is internal and dependent a lot about the within the individual. Extrinsic motivation is based on external factors and is all based on external factors which you can influence.

As such there are four emotional references which any individual searches for, and seven emotional environments or contexts which need to be setup with. And this setup needs to be created and improved upon by you and given till that level of certainty where the buyer can then go ahead and buy.

5 stages with customers.

There are 5 stages or levels you need to work on with your customers and they are;

– Customer acquisition.
– Customer engagement.
– Customer education.
– Customer retention.
– Customer referral.

You need to create separate systems preferably automated for each of those 5 levels. And even in customer education, there are separate stages of education you need to provide them depending upon what level of customer they are. And those are of minimum 3 levels.

Relationship positioning.

What is the relationship between you and your buyer?
Is it that of a seller or a respected advisor and expert or a well-wisher?
Which one will help you to sell more, and sell easily?

Full points to you if you answered and made the choice as respected advisor and expert. And this module is all about helping you with developing all those attributes as to how you can become your customer’s respected advisor.

Know from the no’s.

Do you love rejections? Will you like to be rejected when you make your offer? Well, if you are puzzled what stupid questions are these and if there will be anyone who will like to be rejected, this is what the module is all about.

What if you were able to grow everytime you got rejected?
What if you could learn from those rejections?

We will be going through a three step procedure to classify all type of rejections into those which are useful and can be used as course correction guidelines and the rest to be just ignored. And when you are able to crowd-source your guideliness for growth and innovation, and development of your entire business.

Profits from free stuff.

Do you like to make profits?
How about making profits from free stuff? Something that costs you nothing?
And what if you have something with you lying wasted anyhow and you end up making profits from it even when you give it for free?

That is what all these module is all about. This module is about creating assets from what is taken for granted, and also from what was otherwise even thought to be non-existent.

You will be learning a step by step plan as to how to make better use of free stuff, earn relationship currency and also earn free money. In a world where there is a dichotomy between perceived scarcity and elusive abundance hidden with only few, you will be learning those mindset shifts you need to bring in, in order to make profits from free stuff.

Treasure hunt. Farmer’s paradise.

These are two of my favorite strategies for growing wealth. Of all the businesses I have consulted, I have always found somewhere between 10-75% of underutilized assets which can bring additional cashflow and profits. Will you like to have additional 10-75% of revenue from your business?

And how about instead of having to chase down and roam around for business like an hunter and what instead if you can grow your business like a farmer grows produce?

Selling to your management.

Are you a marketing or sales professional working in an organization?
If you are part of a small business or group of co-founders, are there other whom you need to sell to before your company accepts and follows your suggestions?

The key over here is to not to sell to them. Rather, help them to buy into your proposal. For if you have to sell, chances are that it may become an ego game and them not choosing to buy from you. And if you help them buy, then they will become the stakeholders to ensure the success of your proposal.

What’s even better? Give them the position to be your guide and advisors with the whole process. That way they will support you more for the success of the proposal is even more important for them that for you.

You will be learning in this module about the steps involved in terms of how to prepare a proposal, how to initiate the proposal, what all to propose, and how to do the follow-up with the proposal.

Ultimate productivity rituals. Time management to the top.

Everybody is after one simple thing. And that is results. At the end of the day, all efforts of marketing, branding, positioning, promotion and selling is to produce the results.

And results are increased and improve by your individual productivity.

That includes concepts of time management, energy management, task management, etc. As a simple exercise, track everything you do in your work for one day. And then, make a list of the work done and time and resources involved. Finally write down your estimate as to how much of it has been productive and result oriented tasks and resource utilization endeavor.

Can your workflow be improved?
Could you have been more productive?
If you had better strategies and techniques in place, do you think you could produce better results?

Neat Negotiation.

A lot of customers feel that the sellers are there to separate them from their money. Worse marketing and sales are seen as a dirty profession which is all about being able to use some cruel tactics to dump useless junk and make away with the money.

A friend of mine once made an observation saying we cannot also blame the marketers and sales people because they also have a quota to meet.

And when it comes to selling where negotiation begins, the seller is far more sure that he is going to be juiced off the last bit of profit by the customer and going to end up being left with vey minimal profit.

What if the quota is also met in a right way where everybody wins?
What in the ideal seller-buyer match, everybody makes a profit and nobody loses?

It is about creating a system where negotiaion is not seen as a battle between the buyer and seller and neither as a desperation to meet quota or bring in some cashflow. Rather it is the fertile ground where you are also able to sell more and the buyer also gets maximal results for their money.

Listening to the market. Market Leadership.

It is vital that you listen to the market and then to lead it. Because market is bigger, stronger and faster than you are and if you try to beat it, it will win. At the same time, if you listen to it, and then lead it, then there is a lot you can accomplish.

Listening to the subtle changes and chances for growth is one ability which will make you live a great professional and business life much better than what you already think you can.

You will truly agree that innovation and disruption in the market does not need any ones permission. There are not many industry verticals and businesses which still work the same way as they did 20 or maybe even 10 years before. A lot has changed and will constantly be changing.

And that is where it is very much important to learn to adapt. To learn to adapt fast, for now, survival of fittest is also supplemented by survival of fastest. And either you grow or you will be thrown out.

And it is also important to create your messages in accordance to what you listen for customer loyalty is as good as your value proposition as perceived by your customers and not as thought by you.

Crowdfunding the valuable way.

Crowdfunding is becoming a choice for few people who want to receive funding. Some are becoming succesful while a lot have just disappointing results.

What if you could make the exercise of crowdfunding valuable from the word go?
How about delivering value so that it becomes a easier task for sourcing in crowdfunding?

There are two ways any person can encourage and influence crowdfunding. One is by selling an idea which has the potential to bring in results which your fund provider seeks. The other is to provide results which inspire the fund provider to pay you.

And we will be discussing about both in this module for making crowdfunding easy.

Sales ladder and sales funnel.

The focus has long been on sales cycle, where customers are taken in cycles of selling operation. In this module, the focus is slightly shifted and we are going to make it more as a sales ladder system designed by Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N where the steps including taking the target market member from unaware, to aware, to suspect, to prospect, to customer, to client, to raving fan, to stakeholder.

And also using the funnel in not just one, but in multiple ways leveraging the concepts of freemium, medium and premium pricing models and at the same time, the models of selling of up-sell, down-sell and cross-sell.

How is your business systems designed to take someone from your target market to move from being a unaware person to a stakeholder in your success? The higher the position in the ladder, the higher will be the value and benefits for you.
How many sales funnel are you having? A lot of businesses can create multiple sales funnels from one single funnel when the foundation is strong and focus is also taken to expansion.
What are you up-selling, down-selling and cros-sselling to your customers?

A lot of businesses leave a lot of money on the table and force their businesses to lose potential income when they don’t have systems which answer the above three questions.

Simple idea.

What creates money? It is an idea which is positioned to be valuable and accompanied with systems to monetize from it. Every riches begins in the form of an idea. And the more simple it is to conceive, to produce as a reality and to be communicated through your marketing messages to masses, the more easier it is to bring in more sales, higher cashflow and better profits.

You will be learning how to do the same in this module with your business idea. You will also learn how to train one idea into multiple ideas to expand your offering and expand your market potential. And it all begins with simplifying your idea, followed by creating systems around it to make your professional life easier. At the same time, this practical module will be one of the most challenging module for all those who are accustomed to make their life a lot more complex. 

Handling the phone.

Phone definitely plays a major role in one of the many steps of marketing and sales. Have clear guidelines as to how you will handle the phone communications especially, during the stages of cold calling, market acquisition, inquiry handling, negotiation, selling, after sales, etc.

One key is to maintain a high level of enthusiasm and energy during the entire duration of the call.

Take detailed notes during a sales call. And review the notes post the call to take any action.

Follow each call with a email communication as much as possible. You need to do this especially if it is a sales call for a written followup increases the chances of closing a sales as much as 80% more than just a phone call.

Now, is that not a completely higher level of leveraging phone to bring in more sales numbers?

Accelerated systems.

This is all about using accelerated systems of learning and teaching and also of marketing, branding, promotions, positioning and sales.

It is about using techniques from the school of psychology, hypnosis, NLP, etc. You will be learning some of the techniques used by world class professionals which they use to keep themselves and also guide their customers and buyers to progress through the sales cycle. 

It is about taking your business systems of marketing, branding, positioning, promotions and selling, and putting them on hyper drive.

Some tips over here.
1. When using people photographs in your ad copy, keep the eyes more visible and prominent. That helps connect deeper.
2. In your business cards, use your photograph, that brings higher visibility and memory recall.
3. Sell the benefit as to what the buyer wants or aspires for, rather than the feature which you think is great.
4. When using colors, it is more about popping than blending.
5. Three purchase options is a choice, two is not. So, always make three categories of buying offers.
6. People like to buy, rather than be sold. So, give them all the reasons to buy and then they will sell themselves.
7. People buy for immediate pain relief, rather than long term pleasure.

Mindset for the marketer.

When it comes to mindset, there are two identities, that the marketer needs to focus on. One that of the prospect of the customer to ensure how to translate them into a customer and a repeat customer. And another, of self so that they can perform at the top level and be more effective and efficient in marketing and selling.

So, the marketer must be clear in terms of what mental and emotional state to keep self and also in what state should the prospect or customer be kept for better progress.

Some of the benefits by doing so will be the meeting up of all criteria of how I can sell more by having better confidence; being able to meet the expectations and reasonings of why customers buy; and also in providing a suitable environment where the trust is gained and reasons (both emotional and logical) are met as to why customers should buy, should buy from you, should buy your offer in your terms and conditions and should buy now.

And as an exercise for now, take all the above questions and answer them the way you are handling your business systems right now. That will give you information regards where you are right now to work on to improve for this is what will be one of the few leading guidelines as to where you want your business to grow and become.

In the in-person group coaching days, you will be learning that secret aspect of the mind that will make your work and life much easier. And it is not about the subconscious mind as usually promoted, rather a very deep part of the mind. It is this amazing discovery which helped me to gain a lot more trust in myself and also make my business more easier and smooth, and be able to replicate the genius at work and also help my clients do the same.

Client reactivation system.

A lot of us have had lots of clients and customers who have purchased from us before. How about if we can help them to buy from us again? And what if the product or service need not even be offered by you?

This module is all about something which can bring in as much as 20-100% more profits to your business.

How to handle objections and rejections?

Though all prospects may come up with a set of objections and rejections, not all of them are pertaining to that of the offering you give them. And also, neither are you supposed to handle all of them.

Some of the objections are just personal complaints which they want to let go of, and find a space to vent it out as you are listening. The best thing you can do for them and for you also is to listen to it, and then transition smoothly to the next topic, and not just focus on answering their predicament. For if you start doing so, you are taking the focus away and the results may not be as desireable as you want for both yourself and your clients.

The key here is to understand those which are to be handled and which are to be conveniently ignored.

And of those that need to be handled; it will be much wise to pre-emptively answer them even before your prospect or customer asks them to you so that you gain even more trust, credibility, instant authority positioning, relationship currency, making it easy for you to gain a sale.

And that will ensure that you don’t face the so ill-fated personal rejections which kill many a professionals and business owners and rather end up looking forward to every day, every client interaction, and every progress in your business.

How to qualify and prospecting? How to convert a qualified prospect into a customer?

20% of business brings in 80% of all the results including, prestige, power, money, profits, market share, leadership, joy, passion, etc.

And proper systems of qualification and prospecting does all that is required to focus and maximize that 20%. So, that you can deal with those top and ideal customers rather than dealing with cushtomers (those customers who are trouble).

So, make a list of all the traits you can imagine that your ideal client must possess. It is what is known as customer avatar. This will be your guiding checklist when you meet other people to distinguish between the top 20% whom you desire and others.

And that is what will help you reap all the benefits of having pre-qualified clients.

Pricing power.

Pricing is always an issue which is considered too sensitive. And also a topic on which it is debated a lot. They key power you will learn to have here is learning and gaining clarity about your pricing strategy. Your price will always be low for some, and always high for some. The key differentiator here is whether the pricing range is matching with your ideal market.

Powerful pricing is never about an absolute number, rather it is always a range. And that depends upon the following questions to begin with.
– How much you need to earn?
– What is the least you can live with when it comes to each transaction?
– What is the highest you can convey to your target market in a way that they find it appealing?

The answer to the above three questions will give you three numbers from which we will begin the journey of your pricing range. And also, influencing this range will be the integration of all the other modules in this program.

Story telling.

Story telling for long has been utilized in the systems of marketing and selling. Stories help you sell more than any other tactic because they connect deeply with emotions.

A story is the best tool for gaining in;
The right emotions to create progressive sales movement.
Trust and connection.

In a noisy and chaotic world of uncertainty, lot many times, the person who tells the best story wins. And as such your story need to have certain secret sauce to make them even more powerful, impactful and moving.
This is what creates the necessary traction and connection as who you are, why should people listen to you and earn you the right to get their attention so that you can move them to the top of the sales ladder.

How to do follow up and how many times?

What if you double (or maybe quintiple) the results you get just by changing these two aspects about follow-up on how you do it, and how often?

80% of high-value sales happen post 7th follow-up. And prospects appreciate more when you do the followups through multiple channels of marketing, branding, positioning, promotion, and sales.

The key here is to get those systems in place so that each prospect is followed up in such a manner. And the ROI in such systems is huge. bringing your customer acquisition costs much lower and also increasing your average order value.

List out all the different ways of follow ups you engage in currently.
How many times do you follow up every customers?
How much of your leads are contacted more than 7 times?
How many other follow-up methods and improvements to the current methods can you bring in to make your follow-up methods even more meaningful, powerful and impactful?

The above questions will guide you in getting those answers and guidelines which will propel you and your business to the top 1% customer engagment businesses in the world.

Suite always means better business than a room.

An end to end and complementary business offers more value and can generate higher revenues and profits than just a standalone offer based business.

When all the systems are right and functioning well, a resort with restaraunt, stay facilities, gymnasium, conference halls, etc, performs and out-earns just any restaraunt.

This technique can be used for any type of business and even for personal brand.

Lifestyle business. Integrating different marketing methods and channels.

Why focus on less when you can get more for the same efforts? (Check out the videos below for more info about this step.)
Defining and aligning your marketing and selling with your business goals which makes your business expand in a profitable manner.

A lot of people when setting up the systems of marketing, promotion, branding, positioning and sales, make the costly mistake of doing it without any deep thinking. It is what makes the difference between all the hard work, that which can rather be done as a smart work.

The key answer here is; to first clarify your business goals. And if your business is a lifestyle business (a business which you have entered into so that it can help you achieve your personal dreams, ambitions, vision, social contribution and also meet your needs of freedom in terms of time and money); is then to clarify those in the first place as in each of those aspect of desired lifestyle.

Then, create business goals which will help you achieve those goals. And finally create the systems of marketing, branding, promotions, positioning and selling accordingly.

Is this alone not worth all the gold, and how will you feel if you can run your business and make it profitable as smooth as it can be?

Chased by your customers and clients rather than chasing your clients and customers. Celebrity-like attention up a level. 


It is a different thing to be a seller; and a totally different thing to be a premium seller. It is totally different to be a professional as compared to becoming a celebrity in your business area. And this is what it is all about. So, if you are able to implement all the other points as discussed, you automatically get in the celebrity positioning where you attract customers and clients rather than chasing them.

Make a list of all the celebrities in your industry who just seem to have the luck, charm, attractiveness and charisma and end up attracting all customers and their attention, appreciation and money as a magnet.
What are the characteristics they have which is making them so successful?
That is a good list to begin with to be chased by your customers.

Blogging, Podcasting, Hangouts and Webinars.

Learn the amazing power blogging, podcasting, hangouts and webinars can bring on to your marketing results and give your business growth an explosive acceleration. Web 1.0 was for the big corporate players. Web 2.0 is for all the players. The web is providing a great platform now for everyone to make it big. And with Web 3.0 and I.R. 4.0 round the corner; business environment is just becoming unbelievable and so much opportune for the early advatage takers.

The AAAA advantage.

Get the advantage by having;

The right audience. Get it wrong and your prospects and clients can make your life miserable. Get it right and life will be heaven on earth. Did you know that there are different types of customers. Those whom you are selling to, those whom you think you are selling to, those to whom you want to sell to, and finally those to whom you need to be selling.

The apt attention. Anything less is a huge limitation for your business growth.

The desirable authority positioning in your market. This plays a huge role in the trust factor. And all businesses can have a huge boost on basis of trust.

And the wow aspiration among your target market to do business with you.

And the exercise for this step is;
To select who is the right target market you will want to serve and work with?
What level of attention you need to get from them?
What authority positioning, qualities, results, etc; your audience expects from you to consider you the authority and give you the required trust, respect and money you seek?
And what aspirational levels will you want from your customers so that they are more than just customers and become your repeat buyers and evangelists for scoring massive number of high-quality referrals?
What activities, environment, tools, techniques, methodologies, etc; created by you will help you in achieving all the above?

The answers for the above set of questions will actually form a major chunk of your practical business models and plans.

Write your way to success.

Did you know that you can write your business success? And this way you can also write your profitable cheques?

The entertainment industry takes an idea, a storyline which caters to a unmet or unfulfilled need of the market and makes its was to billions to the bank. The same can be applied for any business.

This is all about your marketing and sales copy.
This is all about your positioning and branding storyline which people relive when they think about you.

MIMMs Networking.

Make in-person meetings memorable. Networking is a key aspect in business development and how well to make it memorable, valuable and profitable. And when you are able to create the right impression, connect and impact in your in-person meetings; it translates into great marketing, a huge opening for unlimited referrals, a golden opportunity for new business, and a great sense of pride of contribution and positive difference created for the society.

Responsible and dynamic marketing. Marketing incentives.

There is one aspect of marketing in your business growth that is dependent on you alone as a marketer or business owner. And then there is another dependent upon the market and your customers. We will discuss about implementing and reaping the results of both.

As a business owner, you need to have a set of responsibility in terms of the systems of your marketing, branding, promotions, positioning and sales. And you need to ensure that those responsibilities are shared by your teams handling those systems in an according manner.

What are the responsibilities that you need to express in your business?
What responses and responsibilities your teams need to shareand engage in?
What responsiveness and responsibilities you expect from your clients?
And how do you plan to achieve all the above?

The answer to above set of questions will actually be a major chunk of your brand’s cultural code, identity code and operations manual.

There is also a system of responsiveness you need to guide your prospects and customers to go through.

And the key is to provide the right incentives at consistent basis to ensure progress happens.


Pre-selling is the technique wherein you start generating sales even before you begin your production and major operations. This way, you can do extremely valuable market research and also bring in high-value funds.

Pre-selling is used as a concept of fund raising in huge corporations where they bring in money from the market or from venture capital and angel investors. Though when tweaked, the same can be done with startups and small businesses too.

How nice will it be in your business if you can bring in funds even before you open shop and that too from paid customers? That way, you will be profitable from day one.
How will you like such a prospect in your business?

This mastermind program itself, has been launched with the technique of pre-selling. You can find some details about the same below too.

Passion to Profits.

Everybody has an area in their life which they call as their passion. However, not all of them have the same as their profession or business. Reason being, not enough certainty of huge cash-flow.

What is your passion?
What are the steps you have taken to ensure it is profitable?
What are the different steps you can take to make your passion into a profitable career or business so that you can engage with more energy, time and effort for the same?

Automation and dashboards.

How beneficial it will be if you are able to create high-standards systems and processes of marketing, branding, positioning, promotion and sales?
How great it will be if those systems also take care of your follow-up protocols, PR, customer engagment, etc?
And how awesome it will be if these systems and processes run mostly in an automated manner?
Where all you need to do is look at some dashboards which when created in a customized manner can explain to you everything about your business in a glance and allow you to make progressive decisions accordingly?
Do you have such a system in place in your business already?

Strategic innovation.

This module is all focused on how to bring in strategic innovation in your systems of marketing, branding, positioning, promotions and selling.

As beautifully expressed through two important and powerful quotes by management consultant Peter F Drucker.

Business has only two functions: marketing and innovation.

The best way to predict your future is to create it.

So, exercise for you;
How well are you focused on the processes of innovation and marketing in your business?
What future will you like to create for yourself, your family and your business?

Scientific marketing.

Let us apply the science and all the formulas to work on through in devising KPIs, COIs, ROIs, concepts of testing and split testing, funnel marketing, niche marketing, etc.

For all the systems of your marketing, branding, positioning, promotions and sales;

What are the different KPIs you have in your systems?

What is your COI (cost of inaction) if you fail in the implementation? What is the COI of your teams? What is the COI for your customers?

What is the ROI (investments as in of time, money, energy, effort, resources, emotions, etc) that you will be getting? What will be the ROI for your teams? And what will be the ROI for your customers and clients?

What are the different testing methods you have in place now? Testing as in A/B testing, split testing, multivariate testing, etc. These are worth every single investment whenever you have the necessary resources to do the same as they bring in huge ROI.

How well have you designed and put in place a funnel marketing system? This takes a person from being unaware to becoming a high paying customer, to a evangelist for your business.

Which niche do you cater to? It can be small or it can be large. The key is to be clear about the niche so that you can set up your business systems accordingly.

Consciousness marketing.

After the science of physics in marketing, let us also have an intro into the science of metaphysics in marketing. This way, it will be a holistic approach of two paradigms considered extremes.
Are you in the right state of vibration and presence in order to attract the best in your business?

Online till 10k and beyond.

A online branding and digital marketing module which will ensure you to get 10K+ search results for your personal and professional brand name.

When people are searching for something related to you, your brand, your product, service or offering, testimonials about the same, your reviews, more inputs about you, etc, what are they seeing?

When they search something related to your product or service type, when they search about the problem to which you offer the solution, what do they see about you?

And finally when they search your brand name, what do they see? And finally when they search your brand name, what do they see?

Are they seeing anything really valuable? Are they seeing things which will help them to make the progressive and right decision to work with you?

Business canvas.

Learn how to apply the principles of business canvas, how to create a viable business model, be able to identify your strong areas and areas which can be outsourced, the key market differentiators, etc.

You are in a business and it makes a huge difference when you have indicators for all the major components in a single page which makes it wasy for you to run the business.

 And much more.

More modules are coming. How about if you get all the above mentioned topics in form of templates, systems, checklists which you can go and apply in your business as a plug and play system? And not just that, the whole program will be delivered through 8 different channels, so you can learn whenever you want and wherever you want. Both online and offline.

Are you interested to know more? Then continue reading on.

The following attributes and areas about the above topics shall be dealt with; The following are the different perspectives in which you need to get in mastery in all the above mentioned aspects of marketing, branding, postioning, promotion and selling. The same will be covered in depth as part of the mastermind program.

K : knowledge, know-how; You will be learning the most proven, time-tested, practical marketing knowledge also the know-how of how to apply it practically in your business thus helping you prevent the stress and overwhelm usually associated with ton of information available outside about marketing.

A : ability, aptitude, approach, attention, awareness, attitude, action, aspiration; You will be receiving the training and resources to improve your abilities in the area of marketing, promotion, branding, positioning and sales. What are the things you need to be aware about and what are the levels of attention you need to give them and actions you need to take about them. To say it one line; it is about helping you become so resourceful so that, you can make your dreams come true.

S : skills, smiles, success; Get the skills and increase the smiles and successes of yours, your family and others in the society.

H : happiness, habits, humanity, homeostasis; Homeostasis is about balance. And it is about developing the happiness within and not depending upon the market or its reactions for your happiness. And finally, about learning, imbibing and expressing the habits of world-class to make yourself better to serve the humanity at large.
You will be learning in-depth about the above mentioned topics, techniques, tools, technologies and much more in this coaching and mastermind program.

What are the 8 channels through which the program delivery will happen?

1. Social media, especially a FB member only group.
2. Whatsapp groups.
3. Whatsapp broadcast list.
4. In-person/online one-to-one.
5. In-person/online group coaching.
6. Online live coaching.
7. Online recorded coaching.
8. Email members only groups.

And above all, you can download all the material from online and keep them for lifetime to go through again and again and learn at your pace.

Who is this mastermind for?

This mastermind program is for the following audience:

01. Personnel belonging to the industry list mentioned in the beginning of this page.
02. Sales and marketing professionals.
03. Freelancers and solopreneurs.
04. Entrepreneurs.
05. Marketing and management students.
06. Professionals who want to increase their marketing and sales systems.
07. Trainers, teachers, coaches, authors, speakers, consultants.
08. Network marketers.
09. Insurance agents.
10. Healthcare professionals.
11. Clubs and social forums.
12. NGOs.
13. Arts schools and hobby centers.
14. People seeking work-from-home opportunities.
15. Exotic tours providers.
16. Credit card sales personnel.
17. People who want to start a business from home, or start a second business.
18. Startup founders.

This master mind group will give you the following benefits:

Learn better techniques and gain mastery in the domains of marketing, branding, promotion, positioning and selling.
Get practical training in creating your unique platform.
Get connected with 100+ professionals from various domains of expertise and business with whom you can network and grow your business.
Get information about leading edge techniques and technology adopted by international sales and marketing experts which cater to various industries.

All the training content will be made available through online, so you can learn as per your convenience at any time, any place, and any number of times.


A program like this will usually require an investment from you around 100,000 to 300,000 $ which is 60,00,000 to 1,80,00,000 INR.

Even though I have been studying marketing and sales at different levels and been consulting people in the same area, especially in terms of content marketing and planning the marketing strategy; this financial year, 2016-2017, will be my deep dive year of learning and sharing about marketing. I will be investing close to 30,00,000 INR minimum in order to grow and gain my expertise in the area of sales and marketing. And a major portion of my learning along this year and also from my continuing education till now will be part of what I will be sharing and facilitating during the journey we all will be growing through in this mastermind and coaching program.

Some of the world’s leading marketing and sales coaches, masters, superstars, geniuses whose work and materials (some of them) have been my (Facilitator: Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N) learning and reference resources and whom I recommend to others:

Alan Weiss
Alex Mandossian
Anthony Robbins
Ben Altadonna
Blair Singer
Bob Burg
Brendon Burchard
Brian Tracy
Chet Holmes
Chris Brogan
Dale Carnegie
Dan Kennedy
Donald Trump
Eben Pagan
Frank Kern
Gary Bencivenga

Gary Vaynerchuk
Grant Cardone
Guy Kawasaki
Harvey Mackay
Jack Welch
Jay Abraham
Jeff Walker
Jill Lublin
Jim Collins
Jim Rohn
Joe Girard
Joe Vitale
John Maxwell
Ken Blanchard
Mike Koenigs
Napoleon Hill

Ram Charan
Ratan KK
Rich Schefren
Richard Branson
Robin Sharma
Seth Godin
Stephen Covey
Steve Jobs
T Harv Eker
Tim Ferris
Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter
Tom Hopkins
Tom Peters
Vishen Lakhiani
Zig Ziglar


You can ask  the person who referred you to this page for further 101 reasons as to why this mastermind program focusing on the theme of marketing, branding, positioning, promotion and selling is the need of the hour.

This will be an awesome, best investment into yourself and your marketing and sales system to grow your business.

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And yes, thanks for keeping up the promise with yourself of having read the entire page.

Wishing you an awesome growth year in marketing and sales.

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