YUP the World, your unique platform to the world

YUP the World, your unique platform to the world workshop at Chennai on 09th and 10th May, 2015.
by Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N

Do you want to reach out to thousands of people who will listen, see, get influenced, buy and even follow you along as you offer your product, service, offering, brand, message, etc?

YUP the World, your unique platform to the world workshop on 29th and 30th Nov 2014 by Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N

Hi I’m Ananthi Karthik, Counsellor and Trainer. I attended Dr Maharaja’s workshop. What I really like about the program is that there are new concepts and they are easy to apply. Apart from this I really like about his energy throughout the session. His energy level was too high and he was able to keep the participants also to that level. I’m really happy about being part of this.

– What it will be like if you are able to reach and impact hundreds or thousands of people?
– How will you feel to be given all the attention, recognition, popularity that you always dreamed of, and felt you deserved?
– Why is it that some people have the success you aspire for and what you can do about to have it for yourself too?
– What if you are able to be delivered the inspiration and framework to develop your own unique identity, brand, voice where you can go and reach to as many people as you want to?
– What if instead of you being frustrated about not having enough promotions, marketing or selling happening on your behalf to you actually being able to design a system where all of them happens more on a systematic and closer to automatic way?
– Have you been waiting that some forum, or PR, or media channel will come and give you the space to become a known, popular figure and help you reach out to more people? Have you been left wondering how nice it would have been?
– How about if people speak about you and give testimonials about your work like the way they have given about Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N and his various workshops in this page?
– What will your life be like if you could become a brand, a celebrity in your own accord, having your own raving fans and followers?
– Do the above results sound interesting, continue to read on.

YUP the World, your unique platform to the world workshop on 15th and 16th Nov 2014 by Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N in Chennai

Hi everybody, This is Monisha here. I run my own school for art and entertainment called as Artrobe. That’s my profession. I’m also a part of Media. What I learnt from the particular session is I think a lot of us are not aware of strengths within us. Identifying our strength is the hardest job. This workshop is useful to identify where you lag, where you are good at , identify your potentials . When we put that in action in our life, we can see ourselves in a very wonderful position. I already had confidence and this workshop has boosted my confidence more. There are a lot of terms I have learnt and I never imagined that there would be a lot of meaning within these terms. It’s nice to be here. The people who are yet to be the part of this workshop I really think you definitely should be here. As an entrepreneur I feel this people who want to be an entrepreneur should be here. People who are working also should be here. This will be really motivating you and this will help you to take your life to greater heights with lot of comfort zone. That’s the best thing I feel about this workshop.

YUP World, your unique platform to the world workshop on 15th and 16th Nov 2014 by Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N in Chennai

Hi, I’m Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N and I want to share with you something I discovered in my journey as a consultant and coach. The biggest problem that a lot of people belonging across different industries face is how they are going to reach out to more customers and help them to buy from them.

I’m Pradeepa Balaji. I’m running an IT Company. This workshop made me ask a lot of questions to myself. Same way if every one of us keeps asking questions within us, we’ll get a lot of inputs.

The way is simple. And that is, help the clients to know about your offering. Inspire them to ask for more information and how they can buy from you. Help them to buy from you. However, as simple as it sounds, it is only the people at higher positions or people who spent a very long time in the industry who seem to be getting customers. Another group who seem to be getting lucky are people with a huge brand, and/or people with huge marketing budget and/or people with lots of time or support who are making it big. In my professional journey I’ve been able to identify concepts, methods, tools, techniques, etc, which has helped me and some of my successful clients to be able to create their own platform which they are able to control and leverage upon to achieve massive business growth. These are the best practices and methods that I am going to share through this program.

I’m Soshina, working as Counsellor for Velammal School and also a trainer. I like Dr Maharaja’s workshop very much. The reason why like this workshop so much is that he taught us a lot of formulas. When he first said formulas, I was not comfortable feeling its Physics. Then he explained that it’s not Physics formulas rather it’s formulas for life and I felt it really effective. He used a lot of probing questions which made me realize a lot about me. I really find this workshop very useful and the level of energy is also very high.

What you are going to learn through this program are:

– Understanding platform. This will help you in knowing what is the platform from which you can sell or offer.
– Understanding the essentials in a platform. When you know the components of a platform, you can build it one at a time.
– Understanding promotion, marketing, branding, selling, monetizing. Each one is different and at the same time, connected with one another. When leveraged and operated upon with synchronicity, the results will be amazing.
– Understanding value addition. Yes, the way you are going to get paid is directly proportional to the value you offer. What if you can apply the multiplier effect? What you can offer same value and at the same time, get multiple results?
– Understanding audience profile. It is not always that all customers are equal. Did you know that there are minimum four types of customers and your growth with regards to your offering business, and your personal satisfaction from the work you do will be different for each and every type of customer. Connect with the right audience and you will get more word-of-mouth referrals, highly responsive audience, people who will literally chase you, and money pouring more than ever before with great amount of recognition and popularity. Get the audience wrong, and you will lose out on all those opportunities.
– Crafting your message. You may have the right message, however what if you don’t present it in the right way? The appropriateness of how you present something, whether it be a marketing message, selling call to action, publicity work, advice, etc, all determines the level of impact you can have.
– Crafting the needs and values match proposition. Needs and values are two concepts which actually determine a lot of human activities and experiences. Understand it right, and you will be able to understand more about yourself and your work, and also about your clients and their preferences.
– Designing your own platform. By the end of the workshop, how great it will be, if you could leave with a framework which, if you just follow will deliver the results you are looking for. A checklist of different resources, actions to engage, leverage and execute which will increase the probability of you getting your desired results in a quicker, easier and faster way.
– Scientific marketing. Science is known to make things easier and something that can be replicated easily. That is what we are going to do in this part of the program to make it even more interesting for you to be able to market about your product, service, message, brand or offering.
– And much more. The more you are open to learn, the more you will be able to receive.

Hi This is Rakesh. I’m a Life Skill Trainer. I attended this workshop expecting few things from Dr Maharaja. But I was very very disappointed; because he gave me many things. With handful of information from Dr Maharaja, these two days were very electrifying and the way he branded the class, the way he branded himself, the way he had taken the subjects to the core are all excellent. I wish everyone to come and attend his future programs and get benefited.

These are all that you are going to learn from this workshop which is happening on 09th and 10th May, 2015 at Chennai


Hi everybody. I’m Hariharan, I’m an engineering Student (Electronics and Instrumentation). What I learnt mainly from this workshop is that we should live our dreams, not kill our dreams. Most of the time when we are unable to achieve our dreams, we give up. We should not try alone, we should live that dreams. Also I learnt how importance is presence of mind and awareness. If you attend this workshop you can also learn how to face challenges and have a meaningful life.

Want to know if you are one of the person who should attend this program?

This program is for those who want to excel as freelancers, solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, consultants, coaches, marketing and sales professionals.
If you belong to any of the above category, then you are going to get access through this workshop and also beyond of some of the tested tools and techniques, systems and frameworks, knowledge about technologies and best practices from where you will be able to take yourself to a higher platform for better results.

Good evening. I’m Ishwarya, a civil engineer and a carnatic vocalist. I’m currently pursuing ME Structural Program in Anna University. I came to this program through my father who actually has given me the opportunity to attend this program. This program has given me a lot of inputs regarding business model and marketing. Scientific marketing was really excellent, a new thing to know about. This workshop also helped me to identify my passion and how to live with the passion. All the information given during this course was really really excellent and practically oriented. I would definitely recommend this course to others also, so that they can come and attend. I’m very happy for the course that I have attended today and thank you so much for this opportunity.

How much is this program going to cost you?

Now, if you are a person who has scrolled down straight over here to check the price, then please scroll up and read through everything before to get a clear understanding.

The cost for the training program is Rs 10,000.

I’m Nandhithaa. I’m into designing and printing. I have learnt about business development in this program. I would recommend this program to my friends as well.


I’m Shivaram. I’m a Lead Auditor in BMQR. I came to this workshop to develop my passion. I have learnt a lot in this workshop. I also learnt how to identify my passion. At first I had no idea about my passion; I was in a confusion. In this workshop I got an overall idea about my passion. It will help me in my training field. I liked the thought “Passionate about passion”. I can start implementing certain factors from now on. I will recommend this course to my friends and my colleagues in my office. I appreciate and thankful to Dr Maharaja.

So, quick, enroll for this program today.

For more details and for getting one of the seats, call
Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N

Hi My name is Janarthanan. I’m a Health and Business Consultant. My passion is to help others to get what they want and achieve what I want. I attended this workshop to improve my passion and to get ideas to improve my passion. This course is a very good course. I learnt a lot of things from him. He taught not only about passion, he also taught how to do business, secrets of new marketing, new technology, how to attend customers, etc. I’m really happy that the value of money and time spent here is worth paying. I want to attend more programs of Dr Maharaja. I’m very thankful to my best friend Thamizharasan who has introduced me to this kind of seminars and training programs. Thank you very much.


Good evening. My name is Srikanth Srinivas. I’m a Trainer and Consultant in the field of Lean, Six Sigma and Supply Chain. As a trainer and consultant, we need to keep ourselves updated and motivated. As we get updated through several training, sometimes one tends to get disconnected from the fundamentals of businesses and its logics. I wanted to attend this seminar to ground myself with the essence of the business and how I need to keep myself motivated and keep the business running and growing. This workshop has helped me to identify how I can take my training and consulting businesses to greater levels. I suggest that every one whether you are a budding entrepreneur or you are already an entrepreneur looking for tips to manage your business effectively and know where to look for opportunities, then I would suggest you to attend this kind of workshops.

 YUP the World, your unique platform to the world workshop on 15th and 16th Nov 2014 by Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N in Chennai

Your consultant and coach to help you maximize your potential and become a healthier, happier, peak performer;


Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N