Building a sustainable business. How well you are taking care of the marketing?

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There are many aspects when it comes to business work. And one of the key aspects of building a sustainable business is marketing.

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In this article, I want to share with you some of the insights regards marketing. Especially marketing focused on building a sustainable business. These insights are from some of my programs like my Business Leadership Bootcamp.

Building a sustainable business How well you are taking care of the marketing Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N Blogger, Speaker, Coach, Consultant, Trainer, Chennai, India

Diving into the topic.

The focus of marketing can be summarized in a four letter acronym. AIDA. And based upon that to lead onto sales and profits. It is the sales and profits which have a greater role to create a sustainable business.


A stands for attention.

When you are in business, you need to get the attention. Attention from;

  1. Prospects and potential prospects.
  2. Suppliers.
  3. Potential joint-venture partners, collaborators, affiliates.
  4. Investors and other stakeholders.
  5. Qualified manpower.

I stands for interest.

Once you have the attention, the attention then must be directed towards what can be said as WIIFM. WIIFM stands for what’s in it for me. So, that means what’s in it for your prospects, why they should buy from you, etc? And the same applies to other people too whom you reach out to.

It is very important to appeal for the interest of the other person. And that is why it is told, sell the benefits which they are interested in rather than in the features of what you have to offer.

D stands for desire.

Once you have got the attention, and the interest, then it is the time to build the desire for your offer. Here is where you need to focus on higher value demonstration too. Which means, if you make an offer to me, then it should be more valuable for me than what price you ask from me in return. And that includes my time, energy, effort, money, etc.

A stands for action.

Finally you need to give in a clear directive in terms of what is the next proposed action step that you intend the other party to take.

Demonstrating an example.

So, let me demonstrate an example over here. Let me consider this article as not just a information and educational one alone and rather also include it as a marketing piece for my services and some of my programs like the Business Leadership Bootcamp.

I have got your attention and that is why you are reading this article. And I know that for sure, you are interested in marketing and also building a sustainable business which is keeping you reading this article. And I am able to keep up the desire, by demonstrating how the concepts I shared is being used here.

And finally in cases where for you, if the desire is seriously good, you will then go ahead and check my Business Leadership Bootcamp details where I give more action frameworks similar to AIDA. And also is the call to action which you will find in the later part of this article where I ask you to connect with me if you want to work with me professionally.

Taking it further.

So, that is an example of marketing in business. The key is to make your marketing real strong with aspects and frameworks like AIDA. This furthermore, will help your business to generate leads, have better conversion, increase your sales and earn more profits.

There are many such frameworks which you can utilize to focus on in your marketing. And focus on marketing and better marketing is going to help you build a better sustainable business.

And good luck with you the same. Do focus on taking care of your marketing and that will help you build a sustainable business.

In case if you will like to have professional support from me, in the above and will like to know more about how I can help you achieve your dreams into your reality, then do drop in an email to or WhatsApp to +91-9841118294.

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